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10th Annual FORD Intl. Cuban Sandwich Festival, Sunday, Sept 5th, 2021

The FORD Cuban Sandwich Festival is celebrating 10 years this year! Get your VIP Tickets here! 10th Annual FORD Intl. CUBAN SANDWICH FOOD and Art Festival; is scheduled for Sunday, September 5th, 2021 @Centro Asturiano de Tampa in Historic Ybor City! Need VIP? Get your VIP Tickets here! FREE Family & Community Festival features LIVE Entertainment, Food & Cultural Vendors…

2020: FORD Cuban Sandwich Contest Winners in Kissimmee & Tampa (Ybor City), Florida!

Category: World’s Best Non-Traditional Cuban Sandwich1st Place: Chef Grego (WFC Golden Ticket Winner)2nd Place: Nonna’s Artisan Kitchen Ybor City / Tampa, Florida: WORLDS BEST Kissimmee / Orlando, Florida: Best in Central Florida Category: Traditional / World’s Best Cuban Sandwich1st Place: Havana Jazz Cafe (WFC Golden Ticket Winner)2nd Place: Kuba Kocina3rd Place: Cozy Coffee Cafe Category: Traditional / Central FL1st Place: 2nd Place: 3rd Place:  Category: World’s Best Tampa Historic Cuban…

Ybor City… the best place for the Cuban Sandwich Festival

Image by Broadway Photography. Article by Althea Tyrell. When it comes to Cuban culture Ybor is anything but lacking. Since the 1800s when Don Vicente Martínez-Ybor decided to move his Cigar factories here, Ybor was made known as the “Cigar Capitol of the World”. These factories employed many Cubans, and were a staple to the community. Now the factories still…