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History of the Cuban Sandwich Festivals

History of the Cuban Sandwich & The Worldwide Cuban Sandwich Festival

​It all started in Tampa, Florida where I grew up with Cuban Sandwiches, Café con Leche, and the Historical Culture I was raised with. My Abuelita had several restaurants throughout her life in Tampa and as far as I am concerned, she made the World’s Best Cuban Sandwich!

In 2011 my wife and I were sitting down eating pan cubano with Café con Leche talking about creating an event that would compliment the Historical Culture of Tampa and something everyone would love to attend. We looked at each other and at the same time said, “CUBAN SANDWICH FESTIVAL!”

Afterwards we met with Tampa Council woman Yolie Yvonne Capin who got Tampa City to pass a resolution for the Cuban Sandwich to be the signature sandwich of Tampa. ” On May 26th, 2012, @ Ybor’s Historical Centennial Park we hosted our 1st Annual Cuban Sandwich Festival with Local officials as Judges, Local and statewide contestants, the Cuban Sandwich Festival was a huge success that even reached the Newspapers in Spain.

Since then the Cuban Sandwich Festival has become Worldwide sensation bringing local, National, and International contestants to compete every year in our Cuban Sandwich Contest. London, England; Seoul, South Korea; California, Tennessee, New York and so on.

In 2020, we had registered contestants that were scheduled to attend from: France, South Korea, Texas, NYC, California and throughout all of Florida!

​In 2012 we decided to create a second event date to make our Festival a 2 day event and implemented the World’s Largest Cuban Sandwich called the Taste of the Cuban Sandwich. We made a 36 foot Cuban Sandwich and fed the local homeless through a Charitable organization and since then, we have been making the World’s Largest Cuban Sandwich in Kissimmee, Florida and in Ybor City Tampa, FL. with our Official Cuban Bread Sponsor “Mike’s Bakery” and Westwinds Provisions” Boar’s Head along with local Restaurant owners from La Teresita, Pipos, Papa Joes, Faedo’s on the Go, Stone Soup, and other contestants, sponsors, and volunteers we make the World’s Largest Cuban Sandwich to Feed the homeless.

Since 2012 we have fed thousands of Homeless people! It has been a blessing and an honor to accomplish this amazing feat.

The World’s Largest Cuban Sandwich is currently at 200 Feet in 2020 and feeds over 550 homeless people!

Going on our 10th Anniversary International Cuban Sandwich thousands will come to eat the world’s best Cuban Sandwiches and learn about the greatest Historical cultured Sandwich in the world. I’m Victor Padilla and with my wife Jolie Gonzalez-Padilla we are the sole creators and founders of The International Cuban Sandwich Festival.

Everyday we give much thanks to our Father and Creator God for his blessings over this event, because without a doubt he loves Cuban Sandwiches and thanks with Mucho Amor (Love) to everyone who Participates and attends our Festival,

thank you for loving Cuban Sandwiches!

– Victor & Jolie Padilla 

Would you like to attend the 10th Annual FORD International Cuban Sandwich Festival? We have events scheduled in Kissimmee and in Tampa, Florida!